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TUSK! The Thrill of the No Don’t Tell Me

This is kind of fun! Now that I am kind of overseeing somewhere else, I can write about more than cars.

WHEW! That is a relief!

Not only can I do that but I can go to industry events and not have to say. “I am MissMotorMouth” now.

Let’s just say “Tusk.” My 2 or few best friends are so young that this means… [[Continue reading]]

Ford Designer Joel Piaskowski Joins Autoline After Hours Tonight


Behold the future of Ford! Well, we’re sure our guest won’t giveaway ALL the secrets, but if you want to know where Ford design is headed, tune in this week for guest Joel Piaskowski who is Ford’s Director of Exterior Design for the Americas. As you may remember, Joel recently came from Hyundai where he was responsible for the fresh… [[Continue reading]]

Ken Lingenfelter Joins Autoline After Hours Tonight


Does your IRA stink? Are they going to tax your pension? Maybe it’s time to invest in classic cars … or maybe not. That’s one of the questions we’ll put to our special guest tonight. Ken Lingenfelter is the owner of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering as well as the Lingenfelter Collection, an assortment of Corvettes, muscle cars and exotics. Of course… [[Continue reading]]

Scott Burgess Joins Autoline After Hours for His 1st Post-Detroit News Appearance


This week it’s time for that big, important talk about journalistic ethics. One of tonight’s guests is Scott Burgess, former auto critic for The Detroit News. Although he hasn’t given a reason for his resignation, it appears it may have had to do with a negative review he wrote about the Chrysler 200, which was… [[Continue reading]]

Autoline After Hours Goes Hollywood with Guest Fireball Tim Lawrence



This week the After Hours crew has stars in their eyes as they welcome Hollywood Car Designer and TV Host Fireball Tim Lawrence to Skype in from Malibu, California. He’s conceptualized vehicles, spaceships and other props for some of Hollywood’s biggest movies and television shows. As always, we’ll be getting into the news of

David Madeira of the LeMay Auto Museum Joins Autoline After Hours Tonight



This week we bring in a guest all the way from Tacoma, Washington where what will be the largest car museum in the world is currently under construction. David Madeira is the President and CEO of LeMay America’s Car Museum, and we’ll be asking him what the