Tesla Crunched in San Francisco: Carbon Fiber is Expensive! AddThis

Steve says:

Sadly, after likely having waited for over a year to get his new electric supercar, this unlucky San Francisco Tesla owner reportedly crashed only hours after taking delivery. While there were no reports of injuries, that carbon fiber bodywork won’t be cheap to fix.

This crash actually happened right outside of my friend’s apartment building in San Francisco, though he is… [[Continue reading]]

Redux: Who Killed the Electric Car (GM & the EV1 from an Insider’s View)

This blog was written 1 1/2 years ago by a good friend who an industry expert & veteran of the automotive industry. Steve loves all things cars and has taught me an unmeasurable amount about the industry. I wish that he would write more often but for now I wanted to share this insightful review of the movie, Who Killed The Electric Car.
I wasn’t able to see this… [[Continue reading]]

Hybrids Are Retaining Their Value: Cars as an Investment? GASP!

My friend is Beverly Hills hairdresser- stylist type to the stars. She has always been conservative, well spoken and beautiful! (One time we went to the beach together with the kids and as I sat next to her in my one-piece while she was in her Chanel red RED bikini and I felt like the hairiest creature since Planet of the Apes). Mind you she does weigh under 105lbs and… [[Continue reading]]